Workshop with Judith Black — Friday Afternoon

Friday, July 21 @ 1pm


This remarkably fun, completely participatory, workshop invites you to explore your natural skills and offer you a new palette of possibilities for bringing your storytelling fully alive.

Come dressed for movement and play. Leave with a new lexicon of communication skills.

About Judith Black

Judith Black, one of America’s foremost storytellers, retells history from new perspectives, tickles familial dysfunction, offers ironic explorations of aging, and most recently has turned her skills towards climate disruption.  As a Wheelock College graduate and former teacher she is able to draw storytelling through the educational landscape, showing its profound uses in cognitive, emotional, and social learning. Her work for adults has been featured twelve times at the National Storytelling Festival and on stages from the Montreal Comedy Festival  to the Art Museum of Cape Town, SA. She is the winner of the Oracle Award, storytelling’s most coveted laurel, and was recently given the Brother Blue and Ruth Hill Award. Locally she originated and ran Bridging Live for 16 years, sings with Calla Lilly, is an active member of the Marblehead Harbor Rotary Club and Presently, she is trying to figure out how to live without burning fossil fuels and teaches two classes annually:

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