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JULY 17-19, 2020

Steve Sanfield loved the craft of storytelling, and delighted in the art. Thirty-five years ago he dreamed of bringing the best storytellers from around the nation to a schoolhouse crowning a ridge, and now thirty-five years later, the Sierra Storytelling Festival is joyously continuing Steve’s vision. Join us the third weekend in July for three days of the art and craft of the best tellers at the historic North Columbia Schoolhouse.

Join our mailing list today to get featured teller information for our upcoming festival, as well as other important updates. We had a loss of many of our email addresses from our dear friends like you, and we’d love to keep in touch. Let us know what you love best from the last 35 years-we really do read all the emails and evaluation forms.

Sierra Storytelling Festival is a dream for any storyteller/performer. Performing on stage under a ceiling of tree canopies, crisp sails, and blue skies; a warm and welcoming audience; delicious food and craft beer. Add to that a wide blend of stories and music and seriously, why would you do anything or go anywhere else that weekend?”- Kim Weitkamp

2020 Sierra Storytelling Festival Tellers

Bill Harley


Eth-Noh-Tec Storyteller 2020Eth-Noh-Tec


Angela Lloyd Storyteller 2020Angela Lloyd


Michael D. McCarty storyteller 2020Michael D. McCarty


Dovie Thomason storyteller 2020Dovie Thomason


Obo Martin Storytelling 2020and special guest Obo Martin






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